Goodbye, FPF!

After two and ½ great and enjoyable years working with Freedom of the Press Foundation as their Systems Administrator, I’m moving on to other things at the end of this month.

While I’m very passionate about the work that gets done here, I’m also interested in furthering my technical and professional development. I’m eager to take on new challenges and environments.

In my time at FPF, I have watched as SecureDrop has matured, learned a great deal more about information security, acquired valuable skills and mastered the tools of automation, and occupied a privileged seat at the forefront of transparency and press freedom within one of the finest non-profits of the digital rights space. Over time our staff has grown and the organization has steadily found its footing. When it comes to everything I’ve helped build or contribute to and the state I’m leaving our internal infrastructure in, I’m very proud of what I’ve accomplished, and it feels sad to leave.

I’d like to thank my friend Trevor Timm for hiring me, as well as my colleague Conor Schaefer for showing me a lot of cool DevOps tricks.

I’m taking some time off this summer and then weighing several options for what I want to do next. If you have any cool ideas for me, let me know!

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