Aaron Swartz

SecureDrop Hackathon Happening at Noisebridge Tonight!

Bay Area coders, developers and designers! SecureDrop needs your help this Freedom of the Press Foundationvery moment. If you’re interested in transparency, the future of how news is gathered, or helping public interest information make its way to reporters while protecting where it originated. If you have tech skills in ANY one of the following areas:

  • Python
  • CSS/SaSS/HTML/minimal JS
  • Linux
  • Ansible, an automation tool
  • Familiarity with Vagrant or VirtualBox
  • Bash scripting
  • Security (specifically tools like OSSEC for host intrusion detection and file integrity monitoring)
  • OpenSSL, OCSP stapling, crypto (ciphers, MACs, key exchange algorithms, symmetric vs. public key)
  • Tails Amnesic OS
  • Tor
  • GnuPG
  • Apache2
  • Qubes OS
  • Containerization

NoisebridgeThen you should show up at Noisebridge in San Francisco on 2169 Mission St. for a collaborative hackathon which has already begun at 4PM PST and which will run until 10PM tonight. This software could use some love and attention in order to become even greater!

Here are the event details.

SecureDrop is a free and open source whistleblower submission system that SecureDropnews organizations can use to securely accept documents from anonymous sources. Originally created by the late Aaron Swartz, it is currently developed and maintained by the Freedom of the Press Foundation. SecureDrop is now run by dozens of news organizations, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, The Guardian, The Intercept, and many more listed at the official directory.

See the project’s GitHub Page for more information and documentation on getting started as a developer, so you may prepare your laptop in advance if you like. Here’s their development roadmap of future priorities plus what is being worked on in the very next version. As a sporadic contributor and former employee of FPF, I hope to see you there!

If you’re curious yet can’t be here in person but still want to participate: